Senior Front-end Engineer

Period: 01/2021 - present

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Migrate from old stack to new one. Update and improve codebase of client app. Get part in architecture decision. Close work with: backend, PD, designers, UX. Improve UI lib. Unit tests, e2e tests, A/B testing. Responsible for checkout flow, payments, Apple/Google Pay, Prismic integration. Review code and documentation.

Tech: Vue 3, Composition API, VueStoreFront, Nuxt.js, AWS, CommerceTools, Checkout.com, Node.js, TypeScript, Prismic, SSR


Software Engineer

Period: 12/2019 - 12/2020

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Automation of development processes, deployment, code integration into the platform. Developing several sub-projects: content builder, transformers of data. Refactor, improve and add new features to the UI library. Developing several serverless apps. Refactor and improve the existing codebase.

Tech: AWS, JS, Node.js, Vue.js

Vintage Web Production

Front-end Developer

Period: 12/2017 - 12/2019

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Created from scratch several big and middle projects which include one of the Ukrainian Bank, E-commerce projects, Corporate sites, Galleries with complex animations. Created starter frontend template based on Nuxt.js, which improves the performance of other front-end developers and includes best practices, helpers, locales, form builder, canvas helpers, base animation, page builder and so on.

Tech: Vue.js, JS, Nuxt.js

LabTop Digital

Front-end Developer

Period: 03/2017 - 11/2017

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Created from scratch several corporate sites. Created starter template for frontend team for better performance and improving their work.